Three Technologies The Custom Companies, Inc., Uses to Serve Clients

The Custom Companies, Inc pic

The Custom Companies, Inc

For more than 30 years, Perry Mandera has led The Custom Companies, Inc., a transportation and logistics service provider based in North Lake, Illinois, as president and owner. Under the leadership of Perry Mandera, The Custom Companies uses a range of technologies to serve it clients. Below are three of these technologies:

1. Cheetah Dispatch. A dynamic and comprehensive software, Cheetah Dispatch allows The Custom Companies drivers to access a variety of information, including automatic pickup times and proof of delivery documents. This is provided through each driver’s satellite-tracked tablet and helps the company offer real-time visibility of deliveries and reduce unnecessary paperwork.

2. Warehouse Management System (WMS). Used in coordination with The Custom Companies’ pick and pack and fulfillment service, the WMS allows customers to track their inventory with ease. Thanks to the electronic inventories maintained by the WMS, customers can see their products from the point they are received by The Custom Companies until they are delivered.

3. Dock Management System (DMS). This technology sets the industry standard for dock management systems. The propriety DMS is completely paperless and relies on unique bar codes that are attributed to each shipment. This allows The Custom Companies to move freight quickly and minimize delays and errors.


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