Mercy Home for Boys and Girls Teaches Sustainability With Gardening


Mercy Home for Boys & Girls pic

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

Chicago-area businessman Perry Mandera owns and operates the freight transportation business The Custom Companies, Inc. Through his business foundation, Perry Mandera gives to numerous charities, including the Mercy Home for Boys & Girls.

Together with volunteers from AkzoNobel, a paint company, the Mercy Home for Boys & Girls recently promoted sustainability initiatives through a gardening project at its Hay Campus. The volunteers and Mercy Home workers and residents joined together to rejuvenate the garden with the planting of vegetables and flowers.

Helping a community reduce its carbon footprint and move toward greater self-sufficiency is an important goal of the project, said Alison Kalantzis, AkzoNobel’s North American Communications Coordinator. In addition, the gardening project, named Green Thumbs for a Greener World, helps educate the young residents of Mercy Home about the value of social responsibility and sustainable practices. Often, these initiatives are focused on children from more affluent backgrounds, but Mercy Home is helping to spread the sustainability message further, said Kalantzis.


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