Communication Tips for Youth Sport Coaches

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Communication Tips

An Illinois Transportation Association board member, Perry Mandera is the president and founder of The Custom Companies, Inc., which dedicates itself to providing a wide variety of transportation services to its clients. In his personal life, Perry Mandera is a sports enthusiast who has coached baseball, basketball, and football at the youth level.

Here are some communication tips for youth sports coaches:

1. Minimize distractions in any way you can to maintain the children’s attention. When speaking to the collective, make sure there is nothing behind you that may take their attention away from what you are saying. A useful tip is to avoid speaking to children when the sun is directly behind you, as the glare cause their concentration to falter.

2. When talking to the children, squat or kneel to their level, which demonstrates respect and allows you to form tighter bonds with your players. Further, it allows you to maintain eye contact, lending your words more authority without making it seem as though you are speaking down to the child.

3. Maintain a positive tone when speaking about areas that need improvement. Tell the child what he or she does well and use this to segue into an area where you would like to see improvement. Always offer a plan of action, such as training drills, for players to focus on when you suggest improvement.


Custom Companies Expands to Include Choice Direct Logistics

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The Custom Companies, Inc

Perry Mandera is the founder and president of The Custom Companies, Inc., a transportation solutions firm in Northlake, Illinois, that operates over 2,000 pieces of equipment nationwide. Under Perry Mandera’s leadership, The Custom Companies controls a number of successful expansions, including Choice Direct Logistics.

Choice Direct’s offerings serve direct-mail needs and capitalize on The Custom Companies’ 26 years of experience in innovation, using technologies and services previously unseen in the industry that enhance in-home control. Choice Direct also has more than 500,000 square feet of warehouse space in Chicago and Los Angeles, has direct airline and rail contracts, and has access to major processing and distribution sites of the US Postal Service (USPS), including sectional center and auxiliary service facilities as well as network distribution centers.

Authorized by the USPS, Choice Direct offers drop-shipment management systems (DSMS) with complete client visibility. Additionally, USPS authorization enables Choice Direct to deliver co-palletization services that improve home delivery and decrease client costs by combining mail trays from multiple shippers.