Frequently Asked Questions about the Marine For Life Network

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Walter and Connie Payton Foundation

Through his work as the president of The Custom Companies, Inc., Perry Mandera provides transportation and logistics solutions to clients throughout North America and Mexico from his base in Chicago. A philanthropist, Perry Mandera serves on the board of the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation (WCPF), which former football star Walter Payton established with the aim of providing help to the less fortunate.

Alongside various programs that offer support and resources to children and veterans, the WCPF operates an annual holiday giving program that asks its supporters to provide holiday gifts to children and veterans in need in Illinois. Supporters can register with the WCPF to hold holiday gift drives, during which they collect toys and essential items for donation to children and veterans during the holiday season. Further, those in need of support, be they individuals, families, or agencies, can register with the WCPF to receive gifts.

Due to its work with the WCPF, The Custom Companies, Inc., has received special acknowledgment from the foundation. To find out more about the WCPF’s holiday giving program, visit


How the Marine For Life Network Connects with Its Members

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Marine For Life Network

A pioneer within the transportation industry, Perry Mandera worked for numerous firms before founding The Custom Companies, Inc., which he continues to serve as president. Prior to this, Perry Mandera was a member of the United States Marine Corps Reserve and he currently backs projects that support marines, including the Marine For Life Network (M4L).

Established to help former marines transition back into civilian life, the M4L operates various social media accounts and holds face-to-face meetings to connect with members and provide them with support. Beyond using its Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to connect marines to various educational resources and expand upon the work it carries out, the M4L operates a national group, alongside four regional groups, via its LinkedIn page to connect marines with each other and various employers.

Further, M4L arranges face-to-face meetings between marines and the organization’s field staff, which includes a network of representatives, four regional network coordinators, and various educational and employment resource managers. These meetings encourage marines to seek out M4L resources while providing access to the M4L’s various local meetings and events.