The ITA 2017 Trucks, Traffic, and Teens Event

Illinois Trucking Association pic

Illinois Trucking Association

A prominent business leader in Chicago, Perry Mandera is the founder and president of The Custom Companies, Inc., which provides a range of logistical and transportation services throughout the United States. Perry Mandera retains membership in the Illinois Trucking Association (ITA), which supports transportation companies in Illinois through resources and advocacy efforts.

In April of 2017, the ITA held its annual Trucks, Traffic, & Teens event in Decatur. The three-day event invited driver’s education students from regional high schools to learn more about the trucking industry and commercial vehicles.

The centerpiece of the event was a semi-tractor with a 53-foot trailer, which students could sit in to see for themselves how visibility is restricted in large vehicles. This helped students learn the importance of staying out of the blind spots of large commercial trucks. The ITA is already planning another 2017 Trucks, Traffic, & Teens event in Joliet.


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