The Custom Companies’ Technology Benefits Clients

The Custom Companies pic

The Custom Companies


Perry Mandera is the founder and president of The Custom Companies, Inc., which provides a range of transportation and logistics services to clients in the United States. In addition to maintaining a fleet that includes refrigerated trucks, Perry Mandera’s company leverages a range of technologies that provide high-quality services to clients.

The Custom Companies’ website incorporates the Cheetah Dispatch Software system, which offers dynamic routing options to ensure optimization of all the company’s pickup and delivery routes. Further, The Custom Companies’ Dock Management System (DMS) eradicates misloading and misrouting issues with a zip code system that ensures the safe, speedy delivery of shipments.

Clients also benefit from access to The Custom Companies’ Warehouse Management System (WMS), which provides inventory visibility at the piece level, allowing users to examine and track their inventory and shipments at all times. Beyond these direct technological services, The Custom Companies equips all of its drivers with tablet computers to provide them with constant access to the company’s systems.


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