Insights That Led to the Launching of The Custom Companies, Inc.


The Custom Companies, Inc pic

The Custom Companies, Inc

Perry Mandera guides The Custom Companies, Inc., and provides a host of transportation solutions that meet the needs of clients across North America, including Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. In early 2016, Perry Mandera was interviewed for The Custom Communicator newsletter on the occasion of the company’s 30th anniversary.

Recounting his reasons for wanting to establish a firm that has grown from five to 600 employees over the years, Mr. Mandera described wanting to create a “one-stop-shop” approach that would simplify the lives of shipping managers. This related to sales management experience taking calls that often indicated that clients would be interested in an expanded range of services under one roof.

These insights led to the idea of “One Call Does It All” being taken successfully to the transportation marketplace. As Mr. Mandera remembers it, there were numerous obstacles in the way of attaining specific goals during the first decade. Primary among them was simply convincing customers that their full range of transportation needs could be met by just one group of companies.


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