The Custom Companies, Inc.’s First Employee Recounts Early Years

The Custom Companies pic

The Custom Companies

As the founder of The Custom Companies, Inc., Perry Mandera provides coast-to-coast transportation solutions spanning air and land. Perry Mandera’s firm celebrated 30 years in the business in 2016, and the company newsletter featured an interview with him and the firm’s first employee Dianna Ryan.

Joining the company in 1986, Ms. Ryan was there as operations expanded from a small freelance basis to more than 600 employees. She recalls that there was on ethos of accomplishing everything necessary “to get the job done” in the early days, even if that entailed 14 hour workdays.

There was a tight-knit aspect of operations, where personal competencies were strongly valued, and she worked to create company norms and best practices from the outset. Ms. Ryan has witnessed firsthand the organization’s transformation into a departmentally structured company with checks and balances at multiple levels. She speaks about her position remaining extremely challenging and values how Mr. Mandera encourages thinking outside the box.


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