Perry Mandera Discusses The Custom Companies, Inc.

With terminals in Los Angeles and Chicago and distribution centers throughout the country, The Custom Companies, Inc., provides clients with high-quality transportation of goods. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008-certified, The Custom Companies dedicates itself to customer satisfaction. Clients can receive real-time information from its service centers regarding delivery, scheduling, and tracking.

Featuring domestic and international options, this firm offers a myriad of services. Its less-than-truckload division handles thousands of shipments every day, and The Custom Companies coordinates traveling so that the items are handled as little as possible. More extensive moving jobs require full truckload services, and the firm works with more than 1,000 truckload partners to ship its clients’ packages. This company also provides local cartage, dedicated contract cartage, and warehouse facilities.

About the Author:

The founder of The Custom Companies, Perry Mandera has led the firm since its inception in 1986. In recognition of his achievements, he was named Executive of the Year by the Italian American Executives of Transportation, was elected to the Illinois Transportation Association’s Board of Directors and included on its list of Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium, and earned the Leonard Schaller Businessman of the Year Award.


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