From the Desk of Perry Mandera: Jesse White Tumbling Team, Part 1

Jesse White is Illinois’ much-revered Secretary of State, currently serving his fourth term of office after a landslide election in 2010. The state’s first African American secretary of state, White is an award-winning college athlete and former member of the Chicago Cubs baseball team. Throughout the years, he has coached numerous youth sports teams and is currently a member of the Chicago Public League Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

Mr. White was a gymnast as a child, eventually teaching college-level gymnastics and coaching for a local YMCA. His work with youth living in the inner city prompted Mr. White to form the Jesse White Tumbling Team in 1959. Since that time, more than 13,000 youth have performed with the team. Mr. White continues to volunteer with the team, serving as mentor, coach, friend, and—sometimes—surrogate father.

About the Author:
Perry Mandera is founder of The Custom Companies Inc., a full-service transportation company based in Northlake, Illinois. Mr. Mandera is a dedicated community leader who has contributed money and time to numerous charitable organizations. The Custom Companies is a supporter of the Jesse White Tumbling Team, and Mr. Mandera sits on the team’s board of directors.


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